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Spiritual Counseling

What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual Counseling is a service I offer to help you unleash your higher self, your true potential.  So often we go through life unsure of our purpose, unaware of what lights a fire within us, and we loose sight of our goals in life as we get stuck in our routine.  When we're out of alignment with our true self, we cause suffering.  By becoming aware that we are in full control of our lives, our thoughts, and our emotions, we can never be unhappy, and our goals become a challenge that we can overcome versus something unattainable.  I like to discuss the reality of our universe, as well as your place within it, in hopes that the insight you can gain can help you overcome your hurdles and obstacles.  


Obviously, you have to be open to this idea.  This is not a denominational approach, but rather a universal spiritual idea based on the recognition that everything, from the galaxies, the stars, the rocks, animals, and people, are all comprised of eternal energy created by God.  I believe that we are created in God's image, with the innate ability to create our own reality.  I don't believe this negates religion, but rather that there are universal truths in most major religions that all reflect God's nature within the universe He created, and the purpose God has for us all.  It's my experience, and the experience from others, that when we really contemplate all of this and accept it for it's truth, a spiritual awakening can occur.  I find this awakening creates increased love and empathy, an altered (and more clear) view of reality, and awakens a spiritual part of ourselves that has been blocked based on our culture and the way the major religions are interpreted.

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